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Foreign Investment Watch is the only information service exclusively focused on the intersection of foreign investment and national security, from CFIUS filings to global regulatory updates. We’ve got you covered!

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Disclosure Tracking

A downloadable spreadsheet (Excel) of CFIUS and other regulatory filings, notices, clearances, anomalies, and more.

Global Coverage

Regulatory updates from China, Japan, Israel, Germany, France, the UK, the EU, the former Soviet Union, and more.

Top Advisors & Guidance

An editorially curated collection of advice, guidance, reports and insights, selected by our editorial team for quality.

Data & Trends

The latest data on notices filed, CFIUS investigations, reviews by industry, by country of foreign acquirer, and more.

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Foreign Investment Watch is a subscription-based information service. We do not sell advertisements, and don’t market our list.

Concise; Delivered Weekly

You’re busy. So Foreign Investment Watch is written for brevity and clarity, often in under 100 words. Delivered via email every week.

Foreign Investment Watch is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to track CFIUS and other foreign investment and national security trends.

For the cost of an hour of outside counsel, you get an entire year of coverage, insight and intelligence. Subscribing is a no-brainer.

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