October 7, 2022

Survey: Will outbound national-security reviews become reality?

Based on questions we’ve been receiving from readers, we’ve decided to do a quick pulse survey on the prospects for a national-security review regime for outbound investments.

Please take the survey now, and we’ll report the results in an upcoming edition.

We’re only asking three questions, so the survey should take you 30 seconds:

  1. Do you think President Biden will issue an Executive Order (and when)?
  2. Do you think Congress will pass legislation (and when)?
  3. How much would either impact your strategy (or your clients’ strategies)?

Our readers are pretty smart, so hopefully we’ll have a crowdsourced ETA on outbound. Although, it’s worth noting that the last time we surveyed our readers on something, the results were dreadfully wrong 😉

Thanks to our Editorial Advisory Board for helping us pull this together quickly.


Please take the survey here, and thanks!

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