Upcoming Events

Here’s the latest list of upcoming events related to foreign investment and national security, which — as usual — has been crowdsourced by our members (thanks everyone!). Please contact [email protected] if we missed one:

Inside Perspectives on the New CFIUS Enforcement Guidelines 

This free, CLE-eligible webcast hosted by Ankura will explain the new CFIUS enforcement guidelines, exploring potential impact and describing what it means for transaction parties and others. Presenters, while not listed, are expected to include the former head of Monitoring and Enforcement at CFIUS, who had a significant role in drafting the Guidelines (we’re betting that’s former Acting DepSec Phil Ludvigson). Also presenting will be a former Security Officer for three sensitive CFIUS mitigation agreements (again, we’re betting that’s Karen Plonty). We’ll post more here when available.


Are we missing an event? Email [email protected] and let us know.