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Compliance reminder: New CFIUS and EU rules are now in effect
Compliance reminder: New CFIUS and EU rules are now in effect

Just a friendly reminder that the new CFIUS critical technology mandatory filing requirement took effect this week, as did EU’s new screening mechanism for foreign direct investments. Key details are inside, as are complete frameworks, fact sheets, FAQs, and more.

Bill would enable UK to unwind deals over national security
Bill would enable UK to unwind deals over national security

According to reports, a new plan being written in London would give the British government the power to unravel foreign investments in UK companies if national security is at risk. Details, related coverage, the draft of the proposal, and more are inside.

Commerce Dept. implements controls on emerging technologies
Commerce Dept. implements controls on emerging technologies

As anticipated, the Bureau of Industry and Security at Commerce issued its final rule regarding multilateral controls on emerging technologies. The U.S. and other nations had agreed to implement these controls last year. Details, the final rule, contacts and more are inside.

Head of CFIUS provides intel on non-notified transactions, more

During an Oct. 2 online forum, the head of CFIUS provided a series of updates and insights on topics ranging from joint ventures to international coordination. The session, hosted by the Center for Strategic and Institutional Studies, featured Thomas Feddo,...

FCC streamlines its process for reviewing foreign ownership

This week, the Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules that should improve the transparency and timeliness of foreign ownership reviews.  The new process should speed up the cross-agency review process for applications from companies with foreign...

Insights on when to consider CFIUS mitigation requirements

As Foreign Investment Watch covered back in July, the number of mitigation agreements monitored by the Department of Justice has nearly doubled, “and this upward trend shows no signs of abating.” As a result, we turned to Keith Ausbrook, an expert on monitoring...


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