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Predicted over/under date for new CFIUS head comes … and goes
Predicted over/under date for new CFIUS head comes … and goes

Back in February, we polled our readers — many of whom are experts on CFIUS, and have served in various roles in the Treasury Department — on their anticipated date for a new head of CFIUS. Their guess? April 15. Um, wrong! Inside we update readers on the process.

Discussing CFIUS’s pet peeves, expectations, trends and more
Discussing CFIUS’s pet peeves, expectations, trends and more

This week, we sit down with James Mendenhall, who served as the USTR representative on CFIUS. Jim discusses how CFIUS is grappling with “innovative corporate structures” like SPACs, and offers three lessons on transparency, clarity and doing your homework.

Ex-CFIUS official: Pitfalls to avoid when filing with the Committee
Ex-CFIUS official: Pitfalls to avoid when filing with the Committee

We sit down with Tyler McGaughey, who, until recently, managed the day-to-day operations of Treasury’s CFIUS team. Tyler highlights some common mistakes that trip up filers, such as submitting organizational charts that are “super complicated or confusing.” Details inside.

Canada issues new guidelines on national security reviews

As we anticipated last year, the Canadian government has issued new guidelines on the country’s national security review process. The new information, which updates guidelines from 2016, describes areas that could present national-security concerns in foreign...

Former CFIUS official discusses non-notified transactions, more

As part of our ongoing coverage at the intersection of national security and foreign investment, we regularly speak to experts for their insights on a variety of topics. This week, we sit down (virtually, of course) with Aimen Mir, who previously served as the...


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