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A Startup’s Guide to CFIUS

Our downloadable special section written specifically for entrepreneurs and early-stage companies. The special section features advice and guidance from CFIUS experts.

CFIUS Preparedness Survey

A survey conducted by Foreign Investment Watch showed that corporate executives feel neither educated nor adequately prepared to comply with new FIRRMA rules. The first-ever survey, conducted between June 18 and August 18 by Foreign Investment Watch, was created to help executives understand how they compare to their peers when it comes to compliance with FIRRMA and preparedness for CFIUS.

CFIUS Clearance Report

According to a study conducted by Foreign Investment Watch, CFIUS takes on average 178.6 days to review and investigate transactions for national security. The data and analysis come from Foreign Investment Watch’s regularly updated spreadsheet, which tracks companies that have publicly disclosed in SEC filings their interactions with CFIUS.